Specialist in E-mail Delivery

A general audit

Reputy can audit your email activities, whether it’s commercial, transactional or internal email (or any combination thereof). The audit focuses on each of the following components per type of email:

Address list
What efforts are made in keeping the list current, and are these efforts influencing delivery rates? Are incorrect addresses(bouncers)  removed and how do you process spam complaints (from a recipient clicking the ‘ This is spam’ button). Your procedures directly influence your reputation as a sender and thus influence the deliverability of your emails.

The actual email
Certain aspects of the look and content of emails can affect delivery rates. For example, certain words can trigger email filters. The audit will check both the content and the coding of your emails.

Email server
Different ISPs use different methods of authenticating senders’ servers. If your server doesn’t meet requirements you run the risk of having your communications marked as spam. Our audit can help ensure your server configuration is up-to-date and is recognized as a legitimate sender.

Sending email
Even once you have started the actual process of sending out your campaign you need to consider the ISPs. How many emails will they accept per minute? A higher sender reputation will allow you to send more emails to an ISP.

The recipients have some control over the arrival of emails as well. You need to make sure you meet the recipients’ expectations of your emails, for example with regards to the frequency and content of the messages. Complaints can lead to a lowered sender reputation

Return Path certification

Reputy is an authorized referral partner for Return Path Certified. The advantages of the certification are:

  • Images and links loaded by default in Windows Live Mail
  • Reduction of -4.3 on your SpamAssassin spam score
  • Images and links loaded by default in Yahoo! Mail
  • The unsubscribe button is visible in Hotmail, whether you are in the recipient’s address book or not (if you have included the list-unsubscribe header in your email)
  • A more lenient daily throttling level for Hotmail, plus the removal of the hourly throttle limit
  • Daily Performance Reports from Return Path that includes data from Hotmail, SpamCop, Yahoo! and several ISPs that wish to remain anonymous
  • Preferential treatment with the following spam filters: Barracuda Networks, Cloudmark and IronPort

In order to qualify for Return Path Certification you will need to meet strict criteria, but the rewards are substantial. Those criteria (15 in total) include:

  • Sender must use a dedicated IP address to send mail for a minimum of 3 months
  • The sender must have an SPF record
  • The recipient must have the option to unsubscribe from the emails. The process must be simple and clear
  • The homepage must include a link to a privacy policy. Each data collection point should also include a link to this policy


General audit
The costs of a general audit depends on the number of mail streams, the number of IP addresses used, whether we can access log files, the number of MTAs and the complexity of the mailplatform. The audit takes around three weeks, starting when we receive all the required data. You will receive the following in a report after the audit is finished:

Room for improvement:

  • Snags and blockages, if found

Your current server reputation, divided into several subcategories:

  • Complaints
  • Volume
  • Database hygiene
  • Spamtraps

Improvement plan (if needed), including:

  • Changes to the DNS server
  • Advice for processing bouncers
  • Advice on throttling by ISPs (this is a continuous process)
  • New email design techniques
  • Assessment of optimal send times (this is a continuous process)
  • Procedures for grey listing/resending emails

Return Path certification

An audit to ensure Return Path certification costs 1,500 Euro. Reputy will check that your processes and setup meet all the Return Path requirements. If this is not the case we will create a roadmap to rectify any issues.

Should you meet all the requirements Reputy will sign you up with Return Path, initiating the 4-10 week evaluation phase. You will have provisional member status during the evaluation, meaning that your IP address will be treated as though you were a Certified Sender.

There are three possible results of the evaluation:

  • You meet all the requirements. After payment of the license fee your provisional license will be upgraded to an official Certified Sender status
  • You do not meet all the requirements – certain changes should be made. After the problems have been rectified and payment of the license fee your provisional license will be upgraded to an official Certified Sender status
  • You do not or only barely meet requirements and will not be able to obtain a Certified Sender license

If you follow the best practice guidelines and other Reputy recommendations you will become a Certified Sender.


If you would like more information about our audits please do not hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on +31 (0)20 346 9018.

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